I made rice crispies today

June 19, 2009

I did. They’re for a church camp we’re having, and my mom volunteered to make rice crispies, so I was like, “Fun!” Of course, I’ve never actually made rice crispies before except for this one time, and it didn’t really work because I think the marshmellows burnt as opposed to melting and got all hard and I’m still not sure why.

But I decided that this time, I would do them right. And follow the instructions, and not use the microwave. That is because I used the microwave the last time.

And guess what? It worked! I

Huh. Guess what else? My mom literally just called me over to show me her rice crispies. Which are whiter and nicer then mine. So that’ll teach me to brag on the internet.

(Although it wasn’t really bragging – I was just informing you guys of my accomplishment.)

Anyway, I was going to say more about rice crispies, but I think my mother’s announcement says it all.

I have to say, she has great timing.




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