I made rice crispies today

June 19, 2009

I did. They’re for a church camp we’re having, and my mom volunteered to make rice crispies, so I was like, “Fun!” Of course, I’ve never actually made rice crispies before except for this one time, and it didn’t really work because I think the marshmellows burnt as opposed to melting and got all hard and I’m still not sure why.

But I decided that this time, I would do them right. And follow the instructions, and not use the microwave. That is because I used the microwave the last time.

And guess what? It worked! I

Huh. Guess what else? My mom literally just called me over to show me her rice crispies. Which are whiter and nicer then mine. So that’ll teach me to brag on the internet.

(Although it wasn’t really bragging – I was just informing you guys of my accomplishment.)

Anyway, I was going to say more about rice crispies, but I think my mother’s announcement says it all.

I have to say, she has great timing.




(Sometimes I skip ahead when reading books)

June 16, 2009

Recently, I’ve been reading The Spiderwick Chronicles by Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black to my sister. Today I finished the first book, The Field Guide. I’ve watched the movie, but I’ve never read the book, but I think I like them. Mallory is my favorite character.

I’ve always kind of known that I should read Holly Black, because a lot of my friends say she’s a great fantasy author, and I haven’t been reading fantasy much lately, but I still really like a good fantasy book, yet I never actually have. So now I’ve read the first two books of The Spiderwick Chronicles (I haven’t read the second aloud to my sister yet, though). And, er, you know, the last few pages of Ironside.

Moving on.

Right now.

Okay, fine, so maybe I read the last few pages of Ironside. That is okay! I haven’t done that in a long time!

Or, not since I finished Tarzan of the Apes by Edgar Rice Burroughs, which was an English reading assignment.

And that was only because I really, really did not like Tarzan. I like the Disney version better, even if it does fluffify things up a bit. (Is ‘fluffify’ a word? Firefox seems to think it is. Let me try that on Word. Oh. Nope. Word does not think ‘fluffify’ is a word. But Firefox does!)

I guess reading ahead could be a bad habit. I only do it because sometimes I am intrigued by the premise, but I really don’t want to read the WHOLE book.  I suppose you could call that laziness. But that’s okay, because not including Tarzan and Ironside, I haven’t done that in a long time.

And anyway, the last few pages of Ironside didn’t really reveal anything. Maybe the last line had some significance, but because I didn’t read the whole book I have no idea what significance it had. And I don’t even remember what it is, except that it kind of felt like it was. Happy now?

Well, I am.

(And I promise to try to post more, I really do)



Summer’s here!

June 9, 2009

Actually, technically, tomorrow is the last day of school. But (and this is actually very much debated) is one hour and fifteen minutes really one day?

Most people say no.

Some people say yes.

And the rest don’t really care.

Just like me.

All I know is, I’m just going there and then coming home.

And yet I’m not really sure what I want to do for summer. I love the idea of having all that break – but it also lets me appreciate year-r0und schools (one of which I attended for four years, so I’m ready to assure you it’s not as bad as some people make of it). Because I’m really afraid I’m going to waste most of my summer. And I hate the idea of all that hideously wasted time. Maybe this is stupid?

As soon as Henry said it, Autumn wanted to go. Very, very badly, actually. She didn’t like summers where the days passed in a blur, but she also didn’t like days filled with nothing until school began and she had to look around like, What happened? And the answer was Nothing. Going to the beach would give her summer potential. If nothing else, she would be able to look back and think, That was the summer I practically burned my face off.

That is from a story I wrote. And it pretty much explains my relationships with summer. So – good summer? or – bad summer?

It can pretty much go either way.

So cross your fingers – this year it’s going to be good. 🙂




June 2, 2009

I just made a cartoon.

But I can’t upload it.

Which is annoying me.

And causing me to write in fragments.

And if I copied it to Word, there would be green squiggly lines under those two previous sentences.

And I’m wondering if Mozilla Firefox recognizes the word “squiglgy” because that is what I just typed.

Or maybe Mozilla doesn’t put wordcheck on this?

I wonder why not.

By the way, the title is referring to the cartoon.

I made a picture of a girl on paint.

She is obviously suffering from a bad hair day.

But I don’t think she really minds because she is smiling and shouting, “Haha!”

I’m not sure who’s she’s saying it to.

Maybe life?

I just like the idea of doing that.



I think I like summers better

May 24, 2009

You know that little kid? The one that everyone knows? The one who goes around in winter proclaiming his love of summer and who goes around in summer loving winter?

And then when anyone asks him about it, he explains that he keeps on changing his mind.

Well, it’s a tough decision.

But I like summer. It’s warm (or deadly hot, but we have A/C now, anyway) and your teeth don’t chatter incessantly. You also don’t have to go around in big, fat winter coats and shiver nevertheless.

But there are a few things I like about winter, like snow.

And I’m not sure why I’m thinking about this, but summer is almost here! I just started wearing flip-flops this week. Fun!



I do not like pepperoni

May 20, 2009

Well actually, it really depends. Sometimes I like pepperoni. It depends on the pepperoni, or the day.

Yesterday night, I was eating pizza, and I didn’t like the pepperoni. Which was kind of sad, because I made a big announcement about how I did sometimes like pepperoni to my sister, who always likes pepperoni, and then I couldn’t even prove it.

So then she asked if she could have my pepperoni. That is usually what I do when I don’t like my pepperoni. I give it to my sister.

But I was kind of hesitating, because the pepperoni, I discovered, was very salty. Very salty. So I said no.

My sister asked why.

I told her that sodium is one of the contributors to heart disease.

(Which is kind of true, but I was thinking more of how salty it would all be and how disgusting all that salt would be. You know in Beauty and the Beast, and the candle guy – sorry, I don’t remember his name – Lamier or something – sings “Be Our Guest”? And in one part of the song there is salt shakers shaking salt onto the candle guy and that clock guy as supplement for snow. I thought of that, too. Not that that was disgusting. That was kind of cute and funny.)

Um, anyway, I didn’t give her my pepperoni. I didn’t actually eat it, though, so maybe she did eat it.

And then last night I had a dream. I’m not sure of what, but I remember one part. There was a scrap of paper, and on it were different types of salt, written out in their chemical names (and yet somehow I knew they were all salts. Cool.) and their effects. And you know the number 1 effect it had?

Heart Disease!

And I remember thinking, I was right for not letting my sister eat my pepperoni!

So there you go.




May 14, 2009

For some reason I can’t see the words I am typing unless I run over it with my mouse and highlight it. Is that usual, or is my computer being weird?

I assume it is not usual.


So, um, it’s a little weird typing with nothing appearing. But I will do my best. I also have to run my mouse over this every few minutes to make sure everything I’m typing is actually getting down. Right now, it’s funny because there’s this red squiggly line, but there is nothing over it.

Fixed it (the red squiggly line, I mean. I still can’t see my words).

I just want to say that I really feel like blogging lately, I don’t know why, but I just do.

Aha! My words have appeared.

To continue, I really feel like blogging lately. I’ve just had this really, really constant case of writer’s block on and off for a long time and I haven’t even been able to blog, so I thought it would be nice to be able to at least write something.

I can’t promise that I’ll post regularly although I will try. I decided to do this at the worst time, with all the tests and finals and projects coming up. But after that it will be summer, and I guess I’ll be able to post better when it finally comes.

It’s nice to blog again, it really is. Even just typing words up. Because I usually write my stories longhand, so this is something I haven’t done that much for the longest time. (Essays and reports don’t count. They never do.)

So. 🙂


PS – It’s kind of funny, but I actually created this blog like a month and a day ago and I kept on messing with the template, but now I’ve gotten bored of just doing that so I chose this one because I thought it would be nice and simple.